Tackling Smoking & Healthy Lifestyle Program

Address – 4/95 Tamar st Ballina NSW 2478
Phone – 6686 3607
Fax – 6686 3582

Bullinah Aboriginal Health Service is host to the Northern Rivers Indigenous Tackling Smoking and Healthy lifestyle Program as part of the Australian Government’s priorities

(1) National Action to Reduce Indigenous Smoking Rates (Tackling Smoking); and
(2) Helping Indigenous Australians Reduce Their Risk of Chronic Disease (Healthy Lifestyle Workers).

The Tackling Smoking workforce is led by Dr Tom Calma, National Coordinator – Tackling Indigenous Smoking and joining the national network of Tobacco Action and Healthy Lifestyle workers is Bullinah’s Regional team who will be based in Ballina, however will work across the Northern Rivers.

The regional team will work to raise awareness of the health impacts of tobacco smoking and chronic disease in Indigenous communities, to actively promote positive lifestyle changes and to assist timely access to appropriate health services as needed. The team will facilitate culturally secure community education, health promotion, social marketing activities to promote quitting, smoke-free environments and encourage healthy lifestyles.

The regional Tackling Smoking and Healthy Lifestyle team will work collaboratively with regional and local communities, relevant organization s and health workers to deliver programs which ultimately contribute to the reduction in chronic disease risk factors for Indigenous people in the Northern Rivers and also contribute to a reduction in  the health gap attributable to tobacco smoking.

The program is in its early stages at Bullinah so please watch this space for the latest news and future program of activities.

For further information please contact the Bullinah Tackling Smoking and Healthy Lifestyle Program Office

The Team

Tackling Smoking & Healthy Lifestyle Program Team

Shonelle, Michael, Jody, Sasha and Adam

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